From apps that measure our sleep cycles to watches that help us understand how much we move in a day, technology has entered the health and wellness space in a big way. In the midst of the explosion of these disruptive apps and tools, we’re curious about how these companies are branding and positioning themselves within the broader health and wellness category - from their message to their model.

We’re looking to understand how the seven most influential health and wellness apps are branding themselves within the category towards getting a sense of why these brands are standing out above the rest (e.g. their key message, how they deliver on their brand promise and purpose, why consumers support the brand). We’ll give you four brands to start with and you’ll pick the other three. (BRANDS: Apple Healthkit, MyFitnessPal, Flo Period and Ovulation Tracker, Calm and three big health & wellness apps of your choosing)

The final deliverable will be a simple Google Word Doc (or Google Slides if that’s easier for you). You’ll provide:  

  1. Brand Insights. A short write up for each brand with: 
    • A high-level summary of who they are and what they stand for.
    • Their core audience — who they serve, why they serve them and why this audience is excited about the brand.
    • Their brand ambassadors — who are the voices that help them get their message out there and what’s compelling about them.
    • Where and how they’re communicating (online and offline) and what messages they’re pushing.
    • A best-in-class engagement example (can be online or offline). Please provide screenshots and images to help us understand your example.

To round out your investigation, include a short blurb (one to two sentences) on why you think each brand is successful and how you think they’ll progress in the next few years.   

Before you fully dive in, we’ll brief you over the phone Tuesday or Wednesday (8/21 or 8/22) to check in and answer any questions you may have. 

Application due: Monday, August 20
Awarded: Tuesday, August 21, EOD
Review plan of attack: Wednesday AM, August 22, via phone
Delivery: Friday afternoon, August 24, via phone (with the option to come in) 

FEE: $150