Gen Z, the iGeneration, Post-Millennials—whatever their name is, today’s 16 to 23-year-olds are gearing up to take the world by storm. Armed with technology and powered by their peers, they’re navigating the world on their own terms, engaging deeply with those that matter most to them and tuning out those that don’t. Wary of top-down authority and skeptical of huge corporations, this generation expects more from brands  – hashtags and glossy PR campaigns alone won’t cut it. In today’s world, what does it take to meaningfully connect with this highly-informed and extremely perceptive audience?

We’re looking for insights on ways five influential brands are connecting with and inspiring the post-millennial cohort (16-23-year-olds). We’ll give you two brands to start and you’ll pick the other three. 

The final deliverable will be a private Tumblr with a mixture of text and imagery. You’ll provide:

1. Brand insights. A short write up for each brand with: 

- A high-level summary of who they are and what they stand for
- Their core audience within the 16-23-year-old demo – what subgroup and/or subculture do they serve? 
- Where and how they’re communicating (online and offline) and what messages they’re pushing
- A best-in-class engagement example (can be online or offline) 

To round out your investigation, include a post dedicated to three key learnings and opportunities brands can use if hoping to engage meaningfully with this age group.  

2. Moodboard. To bring these brands and this demographic to life, include 15-20 inspiring images, visuals and videos that complement your findings. They can relate specifically to the brands you’ve researched but can also come from outside influences as well. Think of this as a digital inspiration board capturing the moods, vibes and feelings relevant to these audiences. 

Before you fully dive in, we'll check in over the phone Thursday 5/24 to touch base and answer all questions

Application due: 
Wednesday, May 23 11:59 pm
Awarded: Thursday, May 24
Review plan of attack: 
Thursday, May 24 via phone
Feedback Incorporated: Wednesday, May 30
Delivery: Thursday, May 30, EOD

FEE: $300