In our society today, our influencers and leadership look much different than they did 20 years ago. Our society’s most compelling and influential leaders across the categories of business, tech, politics, sports and entertainment — are those who are driven by their authentic sense of purpose. When we think of the best leaders — past and present — they all share key characteristics that capture our attention and inspire us to think beyond the limitations of what we think is possible. They are creative geniuses. They are great storytellers. Most importantly, they are not afraid to use their voice and take a stand. We want to understand what makes them bold and what lessons and implications we can learn from their life story.

The final deliverable will be a Google doc complete with examples of eight bold leaders and your analyses that outline the following: overview of who they are, what makes them compelling in popular culture, how they challenge or push their industry forward, what characteristics or behaviors they embody that give them their ‘special sauce’ and what attitudes they evoke amongst their target audiences (i.e. fans, employees, critics). 

Before you fully dive in, we’ll want to see your plan of attack as a Google word document outlining your areas of investigation and key questions to be answered.

Eight bold and influential leaders
(we’ll provide you with five to start, you’ll provide us with three additional knowing we are aiming for a diversity of leaders)
- Gloria Steinem
- Mark Zuckerberg
- Elon Musk
- Beyonce
- Malala Yousafzai

Some defining criteria on how we selected our top five:
- Their work or point of view has sparked rich national or global debates that have lasted beyond the 24-hour news cycle
- They’ve challenged the status quo within their respective industries
- Their impact is demonstrated by a diffusion of their work or point of view into culture (and has crossed social, geographical and cultural boundaries)

For each, outline:
- Short overview of who they are
- What makes them compelling/polarizing
- How they challenge or push their industry forward
- What are the key characteristics or behaviors that make them special
- How do they impact or influence culture or society at large? 
- What have they accomplished that has inspired others or made our lives different?
- A chart/map that compares and contrasts the leaders

Five overall implications or lessons of what bold leadership looks like  

Application due:
Thursday, September 14
Awarded: Friday, September 15
Review plan of attack: Tuesday, September 19
Progress check-in: Friday, September 22
Presentation & Delivery: Thursday, September 28

FEE: $300