HOWL is W&W’s homegrown magazine focused on scouting, exploring and understanding our modern frontiers. While it begins with our Wolf Pack, it thrives on the contribution of amazing freelancers, friends, family and other miscreants in our network. HOWL is a place for us to get creative, speak our minds, rock the boat and expose those sticky moments in culture that make people squirm. HOWL strives for diversity in its content, how it presents itself and who presents it. We’re not afraid to be provocative, smart and vulnerable because ultimately we answer to no one. 

Check out our first issue: HOWL: The Woman Edition

Our second issue, DIS/UNITY is all about exploring the interplay of both connection and disconnection inherent to community — whether from the perspective of pop culture at large or at a more personal level. With this issue, we aim to find interesting spaces where we can dive into the ways in which community lives and conversely the ways in which community has tension points.

So pitch us an article, photo essay, short story, a playlist, whatever. Give us a short synopsis on what you would contribute to HOWL and why it belongs in the DIS/UNITY issue.

We’ll pick the best pitch and you will have one month to complete the submission. Don’t worry, we’ll work with you along the way giving feedback and support. 

Don’t be afraid to push the envelope, get weird and bring that fresh perspective. 

We’re into that kind of stuff. 

Applications due: Monday, April 4th
Wolf selected: Friday, April 8th