Happy Holidays young wolves, we hope you’ve had a restful and happy one. 

Our next bite isn’t so much a bite as much as a three-month steaming side of deer for someone to chew on under the watchful gaze of the entire Pack. 

We need a smart, savvy strategy brain for a three-month, full-time contract, skill level anywhere from no-experience intern to seasoned junior. We’re looking for the right person more than the exact level and we’ll adjust the job and payment accordingly. 

Basically, we need someone who is hungry and ready to work and learn. You’ll assist across the pack with anything and everything that needs assisting on and, if you’re good, you’ll end up running your own pieces of things. We’re all about educating and giving people responsibility, so this isn’t a get coffee and check Buzzfeed all day kind of gig. 

Is there a full time gig at the end of it? Maybe. Our last intern just signed on and we’re open to where it could go, but let’s date first before updating our status.  

Pro tip: we discard applications of anyone that contacts us directly (ie, not through the form) and doesn’t follow the instructions of the form. Because we’re snarly like that. 

Applications due: January 12th
Wolf selected: January 25th (at the latest)
Day of design: We’re flex, but need to get someone going by February 15th.