Wolf Bites is not a new brand of organic dog food leaning into the whole paleo thing. Sorry to disappoint.

Wolf Bites are small strategy assignments that we want to put out to the world so we can get to know people like you: whip-smart strategists, interesting thinkers, hungry young guns, casual experts, curious hustlers. On your end, they’re a short, simple and hopefully fun way for you to get to know us, dip your toes in brand strategy or keep that hyperactive brain of yours busy. Oh, and you'll be paid.

If there’s a Wolf Bite you want to sink your teeth into, hit the apply link, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

Stay hungry.



We’ll be posting assignments here and also sending alerts via our mailing list. Each assignment will be a little different, so take a look around and see what piques your interest.