Founded on the principle that Airbus must disrupt itself before someone else does, the aerospace giant has formed a Silicon Valley-based innovation arm. W&W was brought in from the beginning to partner with them as they explore the future of flight while crafting the brand’s foundations, from strategy to name to logo.


MeUndies is an LA based underwear start-up... in a world of many underwear start-ups. We worked with the MeUndies team to leverage their killer product's unique product proposition: making matching underwear for guys and girls. From exploring gender, sexuality and individuality, together we crafted brand and engagement strategies that retain their infectious energy but gave it a more provocative and pointed existence in culture.



NOLS is a wilderness educator with 50 years of teaching leadership and wilderness skills. But as it moves into the future, the brand needed to reinvent how it engages with the world. We worked with them to articulate a new definition of how leadership works today to develop brand foundations and engagement strategies that modernized the organization.


Since the rescue of, the Obama Administration aggressively recruited best-in-class digital talent to optimize all aspects of government. This disparate and passionate coalition of  talent needed a common purpose to rally around, so W&W got in there and helped them articulate how our country's best digital talent plays a role in democracy today.


At the start, Oscar Health was a unicorn backed by major VC money with a killer campaign to boot. While it was a startup in an old school industry, Oscar needed to get its brand foundations solidified and give its startup energy, direction and impact. To approach this, W&W created a bespoke process that included qual research, segmentation and messaging — all in only eight weeks.



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Beginning with an innovation project for the Running team in our first months of operation, W&W has continued to do work across Nike and its categories, from consumer insights to experiential thinking. For example, we defined a new generation for Nike through Tomorrow’s Athlete, we traveled the world to understand and articulate the new world of Men’s Training, we wove together our strategic and experiential capabilities to design the Nike GM Summit experience.


This quickly accelerating modern menswear brand needed a brand story to match its growth. W&W worked closely with the crew to explore how Bonobos can not only own the modern menswear space, but how it can help define what masculinity means today. After executing a robust market report and qualitative study as a part of building the brand foundations, we designed and moderated a series of internal workshops to ensure that the entire organization could create powerfully against the evolved company vision.


Bacardí Ltd. is a house stocked with iconic spirit brands: Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire and Bacardí. For each, W&W was tasked with re-setting each to step into more relevant and powerful roles in culture and the world. We started with rigorous investigations that included company DNA immersions, global consumer qual and segmentation and ended with briefings to a global network of creative partners. 

W&W is extraordinary, truly, and it comes down to the individuals on the team. So bright, so intuitive, so experienced, such experts, turn them loose on your business and they will transcend every held expectation.
— Dwight Fenton, Chief Creative Officer, Bonobos






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