As a brand strategist, Valerie Nguyen balances new school thinking with rigorous brand planning and a passion for leveraging — and immersing in — the currents of culture. That passion for culture comes to life at W&W as she leads the exploration of new, interesting, co-creative and human methods for qualitative research (to hell with stuffy focus groups!). Her love of people, the world and even the weirder corners of the Internet manifests as a relentless focus on bringing it back to clients in a way that is useful.

After ditching her finance and creative copywriting degrees back in Texas, Valerie has worked as a brand strategist at Mother, Anomaly and Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects innovation group before Wolf & Wilhelmine. Some of the brands she’s worked on: Sour Patch Kids, Virgin Mobile, Microsoft, American Express, Almay, Target, Nike, Hurley and Harry’s. She was also a co-creator of the Dating Brian Project — which put the fate of an NYC newcomer’s dating life into the oh-so-trusty hands of the Internet.

Outside of the walls of advertising, Valerie can be found running on the Westside Highway, searching for authentic Tex-Mex in Manhattan and taking too long in museum exhibits.