We conducted ethnographic research to generate the deep consumer insights necessary to reframe the target consumer to do right by surf culture, while bridging the gap between Hurley and Nike so that the acquisition by the sports giant supercharged both. 


By matching the Bonobos’ DNA to a cultural opportunity around the evolution of masculinity, we built a brand to help catalyze the scale out of their business. Two years later, Bonobos was acquired for $310MM by Walmart.


Our strategy helped drive Oscar’s differentiation and consumer engagement in the crowding, confusing healthcare space. With an agile and bespoke process, we went from problem to creative brief with speed.


Embedded within Google’s mobility-focused innovation group, we worked side-by-side with engineers to bake brand strategy into products from the beginning: from ideas to prototypes to market.


Back in 2014, Harry’s had a strong culture and product, but needed it articulated as proper brand strategy to fuel its imminent growth. We embedded with them to develop their target profile, brand story, positioning and architecture.


Standing out takes more than a splashy look — or does it? We differentiated MeUndies, a DTC underwear startup by starting with their infectious, genderless prints but positioning it in a resonant cultural space. All brought to life via brand and engagement strategies centered on community building.


The original online car marketplace, was stuck in the classifieds. We transformed their brand into a cultural shapeshifter that builds emotional connections among dealers and buyers — arming them with the strategic tools to revamp their visual identity, B2B strategy, B2C advertising, internal culture and user experience.


The original wilderness leadership school, 50 years of passion took NOLS global, but also created sprawl. Our brand strategy revitalized how NOLS engaged with the world, while powering an internal restructure, portfolio strategy, evolved visual identity and website optimized for a new generation.

For the past five years, we’ve partnered with teams across the organization. From global consumer insights for the Men’s Training team to city strategy for the New York team. From innovation strategy with the Running team to designing and executing global offsites. 


With a 150-year heritage, Bacardi dominated rum, but struggled with how its brand and rum fit into culture at large. We modernized this legacy brand by reclaiming its soul through a global brand purpose that energized internal audiences and invited a new generation to move to Bacardi’s beat. 


After creating the super premium category, Grey Goose failed to evolve with today’s definition of luxury. We conducted global consumer research and culture mapping to define Grey Goose’s role in modern prestige and developed an evolved muse consumer to guide the brand in this purposeful new world.


We traveled to ten cities around the globe to immerse in the lives of basketball culture’s next generation of game-changers. Facilitating a series of co-creative workshops with brand, product and marketplace teams, we turned insight into a future-facing organizational strategy to push the brand to fly higher.

In only three weeks, we reset Her by identifying a rich emotional territory to own that reconciled its rapid global expansion with its ambition to create a safe space for queer womxn. Our strategy repositioned HER from a niche dating app to an expansive platform for content and connection.


We boosted the growth trajectory for this cult sustainable fashion startup by articulating a brand strategy that allowed the brand to live beyond its founder and then workshopping these tools to instill brand instinct across the org — allowing the business to scale as sustainably as its clothes.


With nimble consumer research and culture mapping, we identified a credible role for this ambitious mobile-only bank to connect emotionally with Millennials over the taboo and soul-crushing matter of money. Our brand strategy and resulting rebrand primed Varo to take on a combative category.


Starting with an idea and a name, we identified a consumer and competitive opportunity to take Wild Ophelia from idea to launch. Our brand strategy created a chocolate brand for Millennial women, which we also brought to life with a go-to-market plan, website and packaging. 


United State of Women aims to amplify the conversation and action around womens’ rights. Grounded in nuanced insights for this complex issue, we developed the brand strategy and engagement plan for this change-platform that generated over 2.6B #StateofWomen impressions and 340k+ followers across social media accounts.



As a pioneering philanthropy, we work with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to define their “why” and put it into action. From brand strategy that embeds their “why” into their operations to avant-garde consumer and cultural research, we equip CZI with strategic tools and insights to powerfully work toward a future for everyone.


We flexed our workshop skills to quickly get this Canadian robo-investing up-and-comer in strategic shape to take on the US market. We equipped their teams with a sharp audience definition, brand strategy and creative guidelines to help grow the business to $2 billion under management.