six items or less

Heidi and her friend started a social experiment that challenged people to wear six, and only six, items of clothing for a month. The result was global participation, press and a new understanding on our modern relationship with consumption. 


dating brian

Boy grows up in a tiny town in Wisconsin. Dates girl since he was 17. Fast forward to age 23 and Brian is newly a New Yorker and newly single. Add a little Internet magic and crowdsourcing and you have thirty days, thirty dates and a terrifying (mostly for Brian, vicariously for Valerie) social experiment.


the american dream project

Heidi looked around the country a few years ago and said to herself, “what the heck is going on?” One F150 and 30,000 miles later, Heidi has an evolved perspective on the American Dream that has come alive in talks and a short play.


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