W&W is a team of brand strategists, project managers and do’ers that have uncovered insights, given brands purpose, driven product innovation, designed experiences and charted roadmaps for clients ranging from startups to global mega-brands. We do this with our brand purpose - Do Great Work, Live Great Lives - as our north star.

Our structure is flexing and organic, our work is project-only and our projects are defined by clients and brands who are trying to create a shift in the world. 

We are looking for the next wolf to join the Pack. We attract the mavericks - those that are looking for a better way to work and live - and those that aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get in there with us. We get to work on amazing briefs and deliver premium work - and we’re looking for someone who is ready to hit the ground running.


Our project managers are a bit of a different breed; they are our renaissance wolves. By this, we mean that to be a successful W&W project manager, you need to have expertise across a range of skill sets and be familiar with every aspect of the job. Our project managers are intimately involved in the nuances of the project both internally and in maintaining client relationships.

At the end of the day, a W&W project manager’s job is to make sure we deliver premium work, on schedule. That can mean anything from the nuts and bolts of keeping a project on track, to impacting the strategic output via qualitative interviews. In our tight teams, emotional intelligence and people skills are a must in this role to help the team succeed: delivering client service and functioning as a sounding board for the strategists. 

We approach project management with a creative heart and open mind: what the project needs, the project gets. As a company, W&W seeks to imbue everything we do with a sense of openness and empathy, and project management is no different.

We are fanatical about solving problems and tracking projects because it helps make processes an engaging, delightful challenge rather than an oppressive, stressful mess. At its best, project management is empathetically and creatively guiding a project to a successful conclusion.


We are looking for a full-time Project Management Lead to join our Pack immediately. We look for skills across four general areas of expertise:

At W&W, we are committed to keeping our ship in tip-top shape and running smoothly. This part of the job entails a fierce focus on the details: keeping the calendar updated, schedules moving and the Google Drive organized. You’ll build out project timelines, create project kick-off materials, oversee project deliverables, manage team resources and help problem solve for any potential red flags. 

A big part of our project manager’s job is maintaining a positive client relationship along with the project’s Alpha. We are very close to our clients and keep them informed and updated every step of the project via email and weekly check-in call. Our project managers run these calls and take the lead on communicating process.

Project managers are expected to keep an eye on the details and manage the administrative well-being of the project. This includes flight booking, calendar management, budgeting, etc. 

An important part of this project is ensuring we’re setting partners (including creatives) up for success, so they can activate against our work. 

One of the most distinctive parts of our work at W&W involves experiential deliverables -- tangible items that help bring our brand strategy to life. These range from custom magazines to incredibly intricate workshops to add context to the work we’re already doing. Our project managers wrangle this process from soup to nuts.

We work hard — and we like to have fun every step of the way. We want someone that’s going to bring good vibes and the best out of the team. 



Full-time Project Management Lead



Able to represent W&W both in person
and in writing

Emphasis on leadership & teaching

Sets team culture



Able to alpha a project

Create and direct processes

Manage client relationship

Create and negotiate client Statements of Work and handle scope problems and changes

Lead implementation of fierce basic

Be able to on-board and train PMs

Negotiate and get creative with budget issues

Be able to communicate legal issues with lawyers and Head of Ops & Culture

Operate as a strategic partner to clients

Be able to recognize a W&W standard deliverable from a strategic and creative standpoint

Capable of running client meeting/calls & representing W&W on calls

Responsible for client relationship management

Able to step in for strategist leads/alphas where appropriate

Meaningfully contribute to deliverables

Able to run with new business proposals and pitches & represent

Source freelance talent


W&W is founded on a philosophy of balance and growth. As part of that, there are responsibilities the company will owe to you:

Dedicated time and attention to your growth. Through weekly check-ins and ongoing iterative feedback to track your progress and help you grow.

Education opportunities. Because we can’t teach you everything (surprisingly), we’re open to your proposing classes, books or other educational materials to further your growth within financial reason in addition to our Wolf School program.


We are looking for candidates who have at least six to eight years of experience working as a project manager.

Outside of the skills outlined above, candidates should possess the following:

A problem-solving mentality
Excels in unstructured environments
The ability invent and reinvent strategic approach based on key problem
High attention to detail
An understanding and enthusiasm for broader culture and trends
Excellent at visual storytelling (i.e., Google Slides)
A good attitude and good energy
Initiative and independence