We’re a team of brand strategists and do’ers that have uncovered insights, given brands a purpose, drove product innovation, designed experiences and charted roadmaps for clients ranging from non-profits and startups to global mega-brands. We do this with our brand purpose - Do Great Work, Live Great Lives - as our north star.

Our structure is flexing and organic, our work is project-only and our projects are defined by clients and brands who are trying to create a shift in themselves or in the world. 

We are looking for the next wolf to join the Pack. We attract the mavericks - those that are looking for a better way to work and live - and those that aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get in there with us. We have fun and our work is premium - we’re looking for someone who wants to work and hustle and learn how to wrangle best-in-class strategy. 


At W&W, we use an organizational structure with flat internal and external facing titles. We do this to simplify, streamline and stay agile so the pack can grow and operate in a way that is true to our roots. However, in order to recruit from the inter-webs, we are looking for a full-time Junior Project Manager to join our Wolf Pack. 

A junior project manager at W&W primarily operates as an engine under a more senior project manager. This arrangement also means that the senior project manager’s role is to also teach you and help continue your learning and growth. There will also be assignments and projects where you will be able to spread your wings and handle more responsibility.

Each of us brings hardcore expertise in what we do, and as a collective, we are outsiders brave enough to pursue, through our own lives and the work that we do, a vision of what the future can be. While we are not expecting you to bring hardcore expertise (yet), we are expecting you to bring the hunger to develop it.


Your job responsibilities will be aligned with that of a junior project manager: the work traits, skills and management, but we expect you to continue to grow and begin to reach into strategist level skills when you’re ready.

At W&W, we use a framework that lays out the work traits, skills and management of every level of project management, from intern to director. We would expect that you are operating (or soon operating) at the Junior Project Manager level as laid out below: 


Junior Project Manager











  • Live, breathe and be Fierce Basic
  • Set up the infrastructure for project success
  • Manage calendar, including creation of internal deadlines
  • Interview scheduling
  • Interview management: transcripts, translations
  • File and Cloud cleaning
  • Obtain and file releases
  • Book travel
  • Track budgets
  • Follow internal team processes
  • Contribute meaningfully to research (pull pertinent data, recognize useful information)
  • Proofread like nobody's business & execute on basic deck design 
  • Able to create a first rough draft of project scopes & estimates


Manage your time well

Hit deadlines

Use check-ins efficiently 

Implement internal feedback


W&W is founded on a philosophy of balance and growth. As part of that, there are responsibilities the company will owe to you

Challenges and opportunities. We want you to grow and will give you the opportunities and support to push your own career forward. 

Dedicated time and attention to your growth. Through weekly check-ins and ongoing iterative feedback as well as a bi-annual full evaluation, we will track your progress against the Levels of Project Management document and help you grow.

Education opportunities. Because we can’t teach you everything (surprisingly), we’re open to your proposing classes, books or other educational materials to further your growth within financial reason in addition to our Wolf School program


We are looking for candidates who have one-two years working as a project manager.

Outside of the skills outlined above, candidates should possess the following:

A problem-solving mentality
High attention to detail
An understanding and enthusiasm for broader culture and trends
A good attitude and good energy
The ability to operate well in a non-structured environment
The ability to roll with the punches
Initiative and independence