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"To be an interesting actor – hell, to be an interesting human being – you must be authentic and for you to be authentic you must embrace who you really are."



Through 19 years of performance, Brittany’s passion for people and culture developed through the unique shared experience of being part of a cast. Whether on stage or in the den, Brittany’s mission is crafting an environment that inspires people to do their best work. Now, she’s bringing her experience to the Pack where she wears many hats as W&W’s den manager and events coordinator guru. If there’s something that needs to get done, leave it to Brittany to make it happen. 

Prior to W&W, Brittany developed her uncanny ability to juggle diverse tasks, projects and initiatives at Olapic where she managed 100+ employees on a daily basis. Through HR, people operations and on-point spreadsheets, she provided a central point of support to help nurture culture and foster engagement.

When not exceeding her FitBit Steps around the Den, you can find Brittany swinging KettleBells with the ninja unicorns at Mark Fisher Fitness, singing and belting every song possible, watching horror movies alone in the dark, cheering amongst the Cameron Crazies ‘Let’s Go DUKE’, helping Project VOICE bring Spoken Word Poetry into classrooms ‘to entertain, educate, and inspire’ and trying to tame the untameable Turtle, her Chihuahua Jack Russell (yeah, that’s a real thing)!