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Born in the Midwest, raised in the Southeast and serendipitously landing in Brooklyn (twice) Anna has lost track of the moves she’s made and prides herself on her “one trunk” relocation strategy. She earned a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Tennessee, but not before a foray into Cultural Anthropology, a short stint in beauty school (ask nicely and she’ll no doubt flex her scalp massage skills), and a year-long trek around NYC before returning to the South for a sculptural metalworking internship. 

As W&W’s resident Office Manager, Anna keeps the pack on their toes. She knows a little about a lot and is down to puzzle through any situation. Her background reads like a scout’s merit badge sash, and that diversity allows her to view each new challenge with curiosity and focus. She prefers an unpredictable life and expects nothing less from her work. 

Outside of W&W, catch Anna sipping homemade cocktails on the beach, bragging on her cat Umbra, or ranting about the latest animated movie.