“We are exactly where we are meant to be.” 




Mikayla works with the Ops & Culture team to bring the voice of W&W to the world. 

In 2012, Mikayla moved to New York City to attend The Fashion Institute of Technology as a Photography major. Once completing her Associate’s degree and having a small identity crisis, she moved on to receive her Bachelor’s in Advertising Design in 2017. She plans to become a super femme Art Director-Strategist combo that makes kick-ass, conceptual and positive advertising.  

She’s worked on Bottega Veneta, LIFEWTR and the Trolls Movie Soundtrack at Lloyd & Co. and social media and photography for DJ & Electronic Music School, The Foxgrove. She’s been the Editor in Chief of FIT’s, Blush Magazine, where she created an issue focusing on feminism. She’s recently been shortlisted for Cannes Future Lions for an idea for Snapchat and Spectacles called ‘Time Capsule.’

Mikayla is a rare breed of short-haired mermaid that moved to NYC from the snow buried Syracuse, NY. She has a need to be perpetually edgy 24/7 and fulfill her dream of life being like ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ a.k.a. Legen, wait for it, dary!