"We are powerful not despite the complexities of our identities but because of them."



As a Gemini, Joon has an innate thirst to maintain robust creativity amidst an increasingly routine and predictable world. As a strategy intern, Joon is beyond excited that Wolf & Wilhelmine will provide just the environment to cater to that Gemini-need.

As a queer, Asian American, first-generation college activist, Joon firmly believes that brands play a pivotal role in shaping the narratives of historically marginalized and underrepresented communities. Through brand strategy, they are excited to f*ck sh*t up and reshape the status quo. 

In their off-hours, you can find Joon reading Teen Vogue and trying to get Instagram famous. Joon is a campus ambassador for GLAAD and is a recipient of GLAAD's Rising Stars Grant, which they hope to use to create a scholarship for queer students at Boston College. They were recently featured in a video with Seventeen Magazine on coming out and are trying to remain humble about the feature.