"Being part of the wolfpack is like learning how to scuba dive - it forces you out of your comfort zone and into a new wonderful world."




As a strategist, artist, harpist and explorer - Megan’s got a fierce hunger for living purposefully in this world. This passion manifests into her love for building stories at W&W for brands that aren’t afraid to explore unconventional paths.
Megan’s racked up over six years of strategic storytelling experience most recently with NBCUniversal at Maxus and, Guess, NBTY and more at Havas Media. She’s cracked tough communication strategies, inspired idea generation and workshopped with Fortune 500 companies to reposition their brand in the marketplace. Known for her action oriented nature, she excels in bringing ideas to life and orchestrating how, where and when to let a brand purpose thrive. 
Beyond strategy, Megan’s either shredding on her harp, signing up for another drawing class or on her next scuba diving adventure.